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Reliable IT Services

Reliable IT Services.

Cloud Platforms

Aceonics helps organizations to implement Cloud Computing effectively in a secure and reliable manner.

We have in-depth understanding of the principals of cloud computing technologies and have extensive experience in leading cloud platforms – Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services, Google Apps, Microsoft BPOS Suite, Sugar CRM and SalesForce.com. Cloud computing is broadly divided into three categories: Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS), Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS). Aceonics has extensive experience with.


  • Virtual machines (Amazon EC2, Rackspace Cloud Servers) Services

  • Identity (OAuth, OpenID)

  • Payments (Amazon Flexible Payments Service, Google Checkout, PayPal)

  • Search (Alexa, Google Custom Search, Yahoo! BOSS) Solution stacks

  • Java (Google App Engine)

  • PHP (Rackspace Cloud Sites)

  • Python Django (Google App Engine)

  • Ruby on Rails (Heroku)

  • NET (Azure Services Platform, Rackspace Cloud Sites) Storage

  • Databases - Amazon SimpleDB, Google BigTable, SQL Azure

  • File storage - Amazon S3, Nirvanix, Rackspace Cloud Files

Microsoft Platforms

Aceonics enable you to take full advantage of the benefits of Microsoft software and Solutions. We continuously research on existing and evolving Microsoft technologies.

We combine innovative development techniques along with cutting-edge Microsoft technologies to provide effective business solutions. Our solutions comply with the Microsoft Solutions Framework model. Our support for .NET technology spans XML Web services, cross-platform integration, etc.

Java Platforms

Aceonics has extensive experience in application design, frameworks, methodologies, tools and techniques on the Java framework and offers product development, project development, maintenance and support of Java-based applications.

Aceonics provides superior skills in J2EE, J2SE, J2ME, Web Services, Wireless & XML Technologies and has successfully delivered technically challenging desktop as well as Web 2.0 applications such as Retail Logistics Software, Payment Gateways, Unstructured Data Analysis Applications, Computational Informatics Software, Integration with and migration of Legacy Systems.

Open Source Platforms

Aceonics focuses the creation and modification of Open Source software to suit your business needs. We can handle all your project requirements which include analysis, development, migration, integration, testing etc.

The Open Source development team is an expert in many areas including device drivers, kernel modification, embedded systems, network protocol development and web applications.

Mobile & Tablet Platforms

Aceonics has extensive expertise in custom mobile application development.

We have built solutions on all the major mobile, table, handheld devices and smartphone platforms. We have helped our clients achieve faster time to market with an unmatched cost advantage. We follow the highest standards in the industry for process, product quality, delivery and support.

  • iPhone / iPad

  • Blackberry

  • Google Android

  • Symbian OS

  • Windows 8 / Windows Phone 7 / Windows CE

  • Palm OS

  • J2ME